Date Of Birth: March 5, 2021

AKC #: WS72008608

Weight: 90 lbs

Height at Withers: 25"

Colors/Markings: White with slight badger markings 

Aspen is an AKC with Champion Bloodlines. She comes from a strong line of livestock guardian dogs.  Her instincts are amazing and by 4 months old she was already guarding, and not chasing.  She spends most of her time making the groundhogs miserable.  She also keeps all the coyotes, foxes, birds, and floating leaves far away from the farm animals of Cyrus Ridge.  She is always excited to meet new people and adores the children who give her attention. She has a thick soft coat, and so very easy to love.  Aspen has been DNA tested for 210 genetic health disorders.  She was clear of all 210 genetic health predispositions. Results provided upon request.  You can see more photos of Aspen HERE



Date Of Birth: Oct 16, 2019

AKC #:WS66491501

Weight: 95 lbs

Height at Withers: 28"

Colors/Markings: White with Badger Markings

Zeus is our 1 year old male Great Pyrenees.  He is AKC registered.  He came to us from TN and bonded with our entire family, immediately.  He is laid back, the most calm majestic dog, extremely intelligent, a wonderful protector, and just as equally sweet.  He learned quickly to love his farm animals, and how to guard his area. Zeus has been DNA tested for 210 genetic health disorders.  He was clear of all 210 genetic health predispositions. Results provided upon request. You can see more photos of Zeus HERE

AKC Great Pyrenees Puppy Info

At Cyrus Ridge Farm we strive to help preserve the greatness and quality of the Great Pyrenees breed. Therefore, all of our dogs are AKC registered, and DNA tested for genetic predispositions.  Great Pyrenees were bred for the farmers in the Pyrenees mountains of Europe and were in charge of protecting the flock from predators.  Guarding flock is a behavior that is mainly instinctive, not taught.   Having an AKC registered puppy ensures that those working breeding lines, the quality, and authenticity of the breed, have not been compromised, and with the right training your dog will succeed at guarding your livestock, or your family.  

Both our male and female come from generations of strong livestock guardian working lines and live alongside the livestock they guard. Aspen also comes from several generations of champion bloodlines.  Puppies are born within close proximity to livestock so that they can start becoming accustom to the smells, sounds and sights from an early age.  Once the puppies are old enough, the working parents will begin to show them the ropes around the farm and what is expected of them as a livestock guardian dog. It is important that livestock guardian puppies have a strong bond with their flock, as early as possible. 

Socializing them with humans is also a very important aspect of the training process and proper upbringing of Great Pyrenees puppies.  We are a family of 8, with six children, and receive lots of farm visitors.  We love the Great Pyrenees breed because of their ability to multi-task. They are completely capable of going from gentle, loving companion, to fierce protector within an instant.  The puppies will be given heaps of attention, love, and direction from all ages beginning at just a few days old.  While Great Pyrenees will bond to, and protect, both livestock and people that they grow up with we feel it is crucial for training to decide, before you bring your Great Pyrenees puppy home, what you want their job to be and stick with that decision as best you can.


Great Pyrenees champion bloodline puppy pricing is $1,500* for a limited AKC registration. This includes a vet check with health certificate, first set of vaccinations & deworming, small bag of food to help your puppy transition, and a custom chew toy rope designed for teething puppies and to help comfort them as they go to their new homes.  You will also receive updates of your puppy.  Great Pyrenees puppies are ready to go at 8 weeks of age.  We work with each family and discuss the future plans you have for your Great Pyrenees to decide the best time to bring him or her home with you.  

Limited registration puppies are sold to be family companions or livestock guardians, and can not be used for breeding or showing.  Full registration is available to approved homes/farms.  Please contact us if you are interested in full AKC registration.  All Cyrus Ridge Farm puppies must be spayed or neutered at the proper time, decided by you and your Vet, unless full AKC registration is obtained. At the discretion of our vet we no longer microchip puppies before sending them home.  Our vet suggests this be done at 6 months of age.  We suggest you work with your vet to determine what is right for your family and puppy. 

To reserve an AKC Great Pyrenees puppy, or if we missed covering any questions you may have, simply contact us at info@cyrusridge.com or you can fill out the contact puppy form found HERE.  We require a $400 non-refundable deposit to reserve your puppy.  The remainder is due when your puppy goes home with you! Deposits can be transferred to our next litter, if necessary. 

We look forward to working with you to help you find the perfect pyrenees puppy that would suit the needs for your family, homestead, or farm.  Visit our AKC Puppies For Sale page to see what puppies we have available, or when the next litter is expected. 

Watch Their Journey From The Beginning 

*Price subject to change at any time, and without notice.  Once deposit of your puppy has been made you are not subject to a price increase.