Weddings & Events may look a bit different than they have in years past.  However, we do not feel like this should stop you from celebrating. Marriage is a glorious and good gift given for God’s glory and man’s joy. It is far more than a ceremony. 

We are not called to just rejoice when things go well or how we want (or expect) them to go. There is joy out there waiting for us in every circumstance – the good, the bad, and the ugly. "Rejoice always"- 1 Thessalonians 5:16 

We have compiled a list of tips and tricks to help keep people healthy, during these unknown times, while still sharing an amazing moment together.  Let us find joy in celebrating, even in the midst of life's unknowns.  

Tips & Tricks For Social Distancing


 Ceremony Seating

  • Keep an empty row between seated guests

  • Keep 6' between different families

  • Have an usher show guests, from a safe distance, to their seats 

  • Having the chairs properly spaced, means no guesswork for your guests.

Wedding Party

  • Have your wedding party walk in and out separately

  • Space your wedding party 6' apart

  • Or keep it intimate and have only your best man/maid of honor standing beside you, and the rest of the party seated.

  • Have a wedding planner.  They can help cue everyone where to be, and when

Live Stream

  • Set up a private Facebook group or Google Meet

  • Live stream your ceremony for any friends or family members that are immunocompromised

Reception Seating

  • Keep 6' or more between tables

  • Seat no more than 8-10 people per table

  • Seat families in the same household together

  • Create a seating chart so family members, or close friends can be seated together.  This helps take the stress off your guests


  • This is the perfect place for the use of food trucks

  • Buffet lines and cake served by a catering staff member

  • Have multiple buffet lines and ask, the DJ to dismiss by table

  • Condiments can be served in individual packets 

  • Use disposables, and get a new plate for each serving


  • Since we are primarly an outdoor venue. Spreading out and enjoying the music makes this part pretty easy!

Gentle Reminders for Healthy & Safety

  • Post cute signs to remind your guests of health & safety: "To have & to hold, from 6' apart"

  • Personalized masks make cute wedding favors

  • Personalized hand sanitizer also make cute wedding favors

  • Ask event staff to wear masks & gloves

  • Encourage all guests who have been ill, has a fever over 100, or feels ill in any way to enjoy the ceremony on a live stream

  • Have decorative and fun hand-sanitizer stations set up at different locations including but not limited to: the bar, the buffet lines, the bathrooms.

Please remember these are all just friendly suggestions to help keep you and your guests safe.  The ultimate decisions are up to you, and those attending your special day.