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Farm Tours and Visits


Farm tours give you the opportunity to learn more about our operation here at Cyrus Ridge Farm.  On this tour you'll have the chance to ask questions you may have regarding raising or breeding miniature Highlands.  You'll be able to see our facilities, farm layout, and the equipment we use. We can share what we have found, through trial and error, to be the most efficient equipment to "get the job done". Most importantly, you'll get to meet our breeding stock of mini Highlands and, hopefully, a few fluffy calves. Not interested in owning your own mini Highland? Just want to enjoy the scenery and see these beautiful and majestic animals up close and personal? Well, this tour is for you as well!!  

Our farm tours are relatively simple. We have fenced pathways creating a horseshoe shape through 6 different paddocks or fields, which give our guests the opportunity to see, and interact with the Highland cattle no matter what field they are occupying. This design also allow us to easily rotate our Highlands for optimized grazing, and on occasion you may even get to join in on the fun of moving them from one field to another.  The walk is about 1/4 mile and a bit hilly. We generally do not go inside any of the paddocks with our adult highlands.  This is for the safety of both you and our Highlands.  However, the cows love visitors, and will typically come to the fence for a treat or two. 

The best time for a farm tour is March-November.  Spring and fall we have calves on the farm and the weather is less harsh for a walking tour.  To give the best chance of an interactive experience, visits during June-August are limited to early morning, or late evening. The fluffy cows will rest in the shade during the day and graze at night during the warmest summer months. 

Please be sure and plan ahead. We do not have public restroom at the farm, and due to the nature of the tour we ask that you wear appropriate clothing and shoes.  You definitely don't want to show up with the family in your Sunday best.   Plan to leave here a little dirty, with some slobber on your pants, and your heart filled with lots of love!


The one-time $25 farm tour fee is all inclusive for groups of up to eight people and typically lasts 45 minutes -1 hour.  You will also receive a Cyrus Ridge Farm travel cup with a little gift inside at the end of your tour, as a "Thank-You" from us.  If you would like to visit our mini Scottish Highland cattle, please fill out the form below! Additional cups can be purchased, just let us know at the time of booking


*Please note, we are currently booked for tours until mid July with very limited availability through the hot part of the summer*

Animal Therapy & Snuggles

Most people come for the animals and stay for the view!  This is your opportunity to do both! Soak in the amazing beauty that is surrounding our farm, while enjoying some animal therapy.  Once or twice a year we are blessed with a litter of Great Pyrenees puppies, and those puppies love having visitors to help them learn to socialize.  Heck, even the big dogs love the attention too!  This is also a wonderful time to learn all about Great Pyrenees, and see them first hand. 


Snuggle sessions are offered for puppies from 4 weeks to 8 weeks old. These sessions are only available when we have puppies in that age window.   The cost is a $15.00 and usually lasts about 30 minutes.  If you are interested in booking, please fill out the form below. *We will be scheduling puppy visits starting July 29-Aug 26th*

Book A Visit With Us


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Photography Sessions 


Whether you’re shooting family portraits, engagement photos, senior photos, or even multiple mini sessions our grounds offer a variety of outdoor locations to capture your special moment. If you are interested in having your photos taken at Cyrus Ridge Farm please contact us ahead of time to schedule your session. We just ask.....

  • That a sitting fee be paid after each photo shoot ( via venmo, cash or checks made out to Cyrus Ridge Farm). 

  • Share and provide permission for Cyrus Ridge Farm to use the photos for marketing purposes.

  • The photographer must be licensed and insured.

  • Selling prints of any of the animals, or any portion of the property is strictly prohibited . 

  • You do not bring any animals to the farm unless you contact us prior to booking.  We have Livestock Guardian Dogs that do protect our livestock and this can put other animals in a compromising position. 

  • You do not go inside any of the fencing, or open any of the gates.  This is for your safety. (unless special accommodations have been made prior) 

  • Note - CRF will give photo credit to the photographers webpage whenever using these photos.


There is a fee of $20 per hour for photography sessions held at our farm, with a 1 hour min charge. Please contact us for pricing for mini sessions or more than one family.