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Cyrus Ridge Farm is tucked in the beautiful outskirts of Augusta Co, Virginia. We are just west of the Blue Ridge Mountains


Cyrus Ridge Farm is a small 50 acre farm located in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, within the shadows of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We began this journey on a mission to raise Micro and Miniature Scottish Highlands with quality genetics, docile dispositions, and to generationally reduce the size of our calves.  

Our goal at Cyrus Ridge Farm is to use education and hands on experience to help others learn more about the Micro and Miniature Scottish Highland Cattle breed, as well as Valais Blacknose Sheep.We want to give all families, adults, and children the opportunity to raise farm animals on any size homestead, so they too can experience all the wonderful blessings a farm has to offer.   Above all, we dedicate the farm, the cattle, the animals, and our efforts to the Glory of God.

*video curiosity of Millpond Photography

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