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Mini Highlands & Valais For Sale

Looking for a Mini Scottish Highland or a Valais Blacknose Sheep? We've got you!! 


We are excited to have you here! Currently we sell all of our mini Scottish Highland cattle, and Valais Sheep in a private (not open to other consignors) online auction. Our next auction aprrox. May 2024.  We will update once we have an official date. Here's how you can become a part of the Cyrus Ridge Farm cattle and sheep buying experience.

  • Please visit our auction platform at, or download our app by simply searching "Cyrus Ridge Farm" in your app store.

  • Create your account.  Creating an account will give you the fastest and most accurate information, and allow you to instantly receive notifications when new calves and lambs are posted.

  • Register for the auction!

  • Once bidding begins the process is easy and transparent.  We have compiled a list of common questions, as well as the terms for our auction. Check them out here.  

  • Need shipping?  We can handle that too!  Transportation, and all of its elements, are such an important piece of the puzzle in making sure your fluffy friends stay healthy and do not become too overwhelmed from our farm to yours.  To see more details on our shipping, click here

  • To see our previous auctions click here

Typically we conduct 3-4 online auctions a year with all of the available calves, cows, and lambs for that season. We want you to have the utmost confidence in the auction process, and it is our goal to make this the easiest, most exciting, and fun pet purchase of your life! Check out the video above for a more detailed look at how our auctions work, book a farm tour, and be sure to watch our social media pages for updates!  If we missed something don’t hesitate to ask! We are here to help in any way we can! 


What To Expect

Our focus is on high quality genetics, small stature, and docile temperaments. To do this we:

  • Retain a select few of our best calves to help generationally reduce the size of the calves born on our farm.

  • Spend many, many hours a week interacting with each animal

  • Began the hard work work of halter training (when applicable)

  • Introduce farm visitors to our breeding stock, weaning calves, and lambs

  • Introduce each calf and lamb to different sounds, equipment, and children

  • Any Highland calves born on our farm will have DNA testing done to confirm sire.

  • The DNA test for your Highland will also verify if your calf carries the chondro gene. 

  • You will have an opportunity to see videos / photos of each calf, view the hard copies of the DNA results & registrations, and visit the calves on the farm, if you desire.

Spring 2024 Auction


Breed: Mini Highland

Sex: Female

Height at birth: 21"

Weight at birth: 41#

Chondro Status: pending

Registration number: IMCBR

To view more info about our fall calves please visit our auction site at or by downloading our app Cyrus Ridge Farm

Check back for more

Breed: Mini Highalnd


Height at birth: 

Weight at birth: 

Chondro Status: Pending

Registration number:  IMCBR

To view more info about our fall calves please visit our auction site at or by downloading our app Cyrus Ridge Farm

highlandauction_Cyrus Ridge.jpg

Auction Notification List

Please fill out the form below if you would like to be notified of upcoming auction related news and sales.


How We Determine Temperament On The Highlands We Sell


The Universal Cattle Docility Scale or “UCDS” was created based on the need to have a uniform rating system to portray the docility of the cattle being traded.  In 2019 we created and implemented this system based on a program formerly known as BreedPlan. BreedPlan was developed for the commercial Angus cattle industry and has been used with much success for decades. While still in use, BreedPlan is expanded into a broader scope of cattle genetics. UCDS focuses solely on the temperament of the cattle.

Blended Ratings

Rating an animal may not be as simple as applying a single description. Some cows may fall into 2 or more of the rating categories. In this case a blended rating is used to best portray the personality of the cow.


Half Score

Use of a ½ score is acceptable when the animal is described by two consecutive rating descriptions in the UCDS. The half score is used to show a more accurate picture of the cow’s docility. 

 Example: 1.5 - A cow that is typically calm and accepts human contact untethered, but shows nervousness and resistance in the crush


Average Score

 Use of an average score is used when the cow’s behavior is described by 2 or more rating descriptions that may or may not be in consecutive order on the UCDS. The rating is determined by taking the average of the applicable descriptions and applying a whole number preceded by the word “Average” or the abbreviation “AV”.


Example: Average 3 or AV3  – A cow who is will come to feed with a human within 2’ but attempts to jump a fence in an enclosure of under 20’ when human presence is in the same space.

To see the full document click HERE.

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