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We work exclusively with Millpond Photography for all photo sessions at our farm.   Millpond Photography is an amazing husband wife duo located right in the heart of Staunton, Va. 


  • They offer top notch photo and video for each of their sessions. 

  • They are licensed, insured, and trained with our facility and calves.  

  • With Millpond you will have the opportunity to explore our property and have photos and video that include all of the beautiful scenery, and also get the unique experience of going inside the fences with any weaning calves that we have available at that time.  

These sessions are perfect for birthdays, families, engagements, surprise engagements, after wedding sessions, and any special moments you wish to document with photo and video. 

How to book?

To book your session you will contact Millpond Photography via their website or their social media pages. They will coordinate with us to schedule your session and give you all the details you need!!  

Not looking for professional photos, but you do want to see the Scottish Highlands, and maybe snap a selfie picture with your camera phone to share with all your friends? Click here to book a farm tour with us!  Don't forget to tag us!

*Selling prints, from Millpond Photography or those taken with your personal camera, including digital, of the animals, or the property is strictly prohibited.

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