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Cyrus Ridge Farm L.O.V.E Program

The Cyrus Ridge L.O.V.E Program is an exciting and revolutionary way to look at farming. Many families find themselves loving the idea of owning animals but end up pulling the emergency brake when they think about caring for the animals. The L.O.V.E Program was specifically designed for these families. 


L is for Learn. The first thing this project focuses on is education. We want you and your children to have the opportunity to learn everything you can about God’s amazing animals and the earth they walk on. The education session can be for an individual or for the whole family. Small children and adults will be able to enjoy an educational session on the farm


O is for Own. Cyrus Ridge wants you to have the opportunity to own your animals. There is a special bond, especially with children, when they know an animal is “theirs”. Ownership gives you the right to name your pet and spend as much time with your pet as you like. Don’t want to have a pet in your house or yard? No worries, L.O.V.E Program will allow your pet to stay on the farm. You have the option to come visit your pet anytime, just schedule a visit with the farmer. Most visits can happen with no wait time! Cyrus Ridge will feed and house your pet just as if it was still owned by the farm. 


V is for Value. Cyrus Ridge is dedicated to providing opportunities for families that may not have excess budgets. Guess what, we get it! As a blended family with 6 children, we know that many family activities are super expensive. We will do our best to give your family an opportunity to own an animal, experience the farm life, and ultimately decide if your animal will feed you family or retire on the farm.


E is for Experience. We suddenly have found almost 1/4 of the 21st century gone. Where did it go? It’s frightening how much time is spend behind a computer or phone screen. L.O.V.E. Program is committed to giving children and adults an experience they can carry with them for many years. God has given us a brief time on this earth. Let’s enjoy the beauty of His animals.




Let’s walk thru the whole process. First, you will want to schedule a visit to the farm. The farm visit will help you and the family soak in the farm atmosphere, the personality of the different animals, and familiarize yourself with the Cyrus Ridge family. We will help you learn about the animals in which you are interested, making even the youngest children feel included. 


After you have been through the initial visit, you can discuss whether ownership is right for your family. Prices and boarding rates will be discussed, if they are not posted on the website. The micro-mini Highland prices vary based on size, color, temperament, etc. A boarded animal will be housed, fed, and cared for as if it was owned by the farm. Luckily, you will already be familiar with the care these precious little ones receive at Cyrus Ridge. You will have a weekly photo update of your animals, along with any other developments. You are also welcome to visit your animals, bring a friend to see the animals, or bring a treat for your friends anytime. We do ask that you notify Cyrus Ridge before coming.


The boarding rates will not increase for the life of your animal. Once you’ve purchased an animal and committed to boarding, you can leave the animal indefinitely. The rate at which you committed will be the rate for the lifetime of that animal.


You have the option to choose the end purpose of your animals. If you wish to host your animals at your home, you can remove them from boarding at any time. If you wish to see your animal live a full retirement at Cyrus Ridge, we will love them with you for their entire life.

Do you want to learn more?



Price will be determined at purchase



Boarding - Food - Love


Miniature Highland Cattle

$75 / monthly

$750 / annually

Two Months of hosting FREE when you pay a year at a time. 

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